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Single & Anxious

Sometimes it’s so hard to put into words or even visualize the feelings that relationships give you.  Have you better been loved before? Been in a serious relationship where you have to make critical decisions? How about being with someone that required great sacrifices for love? These questions are deep are real and when you are in an environment that is filled with relationships, for example college, then you might have to deal with these questions.

The web series entitled “Single & Anxious” puts all of these questions in a visual form in which we all can relate and learn from.  With amazing cast members such as Don Cephas, Milaya S. Gregory, Daarinah Saafir, Page Peter Wilson, Branden Brook, and Fann Sanders we begin to understand the effects of relationships, friends, and family.

Christina Faith, who is the show’s creator elaborates says “Single and Anxious is an honest representation of both the diversity and universality of the urban, African American experience. Growing up we all had a friend who dated the bad guy and made decisions they regretted. We’ve all been in love with someone who hasn’t given us the time of day. I want Single and Anxious to be the series people are telling their kids about in 20 years. I want our teenagers and young adults to grow up with college students who look, talk and wrestle with issues just like them.”

Released on December 18, 2016, Single and Anxious follows five African American, college students from various backgrounds as they fumble their way through the challenges of establishing and maintaining romantic relationships. The cast of S&A is comprised of stunning fresh talent from Philadelphia, PA

For more information about Single & Anxious, the director and cast members, check out the information below!

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