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How To Make $100k a Year off of Your Music!

How To Make $100k a Year off of Your Music!

I wanted to share with you a formula that works for everybody to make over $100k a year off of their music…….so you don’t believe me? Cool….let me make you a believer.

There’s a saying the NUMBERS DON’T LIE……cause they can’t lie.  So let’s break down to the numbers so that you will understand.

$100 X 1,000 Fans= $100,000

I have a friend named Travis Cole who introduced me to this theory which I have in progress right now and I would be stupid not to share it with you.  This is called the 1,000 Fan Formula. This formula consists of 3 different types of fans and you need to identify the types of fans first in order for it to work effectively.

This 1st Fan is the Casual Fan.  This is the fan that stops by on your social networks and just comments or maybe shares a post once in a while.  They show the least interest but still interest in you or else they would have never took the time to comment on your post.

The 2nd Fan is the Supporter.  This is fan that finds your music, downloads it or buys it. This fan shows interest and support by actually investing in you financially.  This is the fan that has the most potential to become a 3rd-fan-type that I will talk about in a second.  This fan supports you and will occasionally show interest by actions.

The 3rd Fan is the Hardcore Fan. This is the fan that will support you no matter what you do and what you produce.  Theses are the fans that will buy every T-shirt you come out with and buy more than one album from you as well. You can think of friends, family, or that core group of listeners you have following you.


So out of your 3 groups you should focus on pulling out your 1,000 fans.  Now maybe you may not have 1,000 fans so choose a number that may fit your need.

You need to find a way to get at least $100 out of these 1,000 fans a year and it’s easy math $100 X 1,000 Fans= $100,000 a year.

Now you may be thinking how can you get $100 out of 1 fan it mixtapes and albums these days don’t go over $10? Well that’s when you need to get creative.

You need to focus on way more than just your music but really focus on your brand! As you focus on brand other opportunities will open up and you will be surprised how close you are to $100 a person.

Here are some things you can think about doing that will help you out:

  1. Sell T-shirts with your brand on it

  2. Sell your Album/Mixtapes

  3. Sell an experience (have a release party for your album and charge at the door)

  4. Do features for other artists

  5. Sell advice you learned on making music

  6. Host your own concert

  7. Sell coupons (make a coupon for your fans to pay a little more up front and they get VIP access to your musical world)

  8. Teach

Hey I hope I could give you some ideas on how to make your $100k a year. Nothing is clear cut and it takes time and creativity but remember numbers don’t lie!


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