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Do people even know you do music?

Hey what’s good, I just wanted to vent for a second and bring something to light.

The music world has changed so much in the past few years and now it is in the hands of the independent artist. No longer do you have to be signed to do anything and if you were to watch interviews of signed artists who are no longer signed they’ll tell you that the label is nothing but just a bank handing out loans and giving you direction.  Artists like T-pain, Chance the Rapper and Ryan Leslie have been saying this for a while now.

I say to say a couple of things, first of all you are in competition with everyone and when I say everyone I mean everyone.  All of the singed and artists and unsigned artists…. Everyone! And since we all live on social media nowadays you are in competition with everyone on social media. You’re at war with every influencer, coffee maker, florist, janitor service…. EVERYONE!

The game now is the attention game and if you don’t have people’s attention then you might as well chalk your whole music career.

You no longer can afford to put pieces of music years apart or even too many months apart.  People will be on to the next artist who is poppin right now and who has people’s attention.

So let me ask this………  Do people know you do music?  This may sound dumb but listen up.  I’ve been doing this on a real good level since 2011 but it’s not until the past 2 years that people really started contacting me for business and my music business went to another level simply because I put myself out there!

There’s a difference between you doing something and people know you that you really do it.  They might know you make music but if they don’t know that you really do music on a serious level then they won’t treat you like that.

After people know you do you what you then it’s up to you to really keep their attention and keep pushing content and music.  But I really want to ask you do people know you do music?  If not then what are some things that you are planning to do make sure people understand that you really do music?

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


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