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Sly Theard – Homegrown

Sly Theard is an American artist/producer/philanthropist/actor & motivational speaker. He was born & raised in New Orleans, La. Homegrown is an event that Sly started with Livenation in August of 2017.  Sly believes in always putting his best foot forward and his brand is proud of being different and standing out.  The mantra that fuels Sly Theard is that “It’s different when it’s Homegrown.”

“‘The greatest gift in life is that, you get to love & get loved back’ My father died 2 years ago & everyday I wake up since then, there’s only one goal: Make him proud.” -Sly Theard

We all know that you grow faster if you can duplicate yourself and Sly speaks to students at Loyola University 3 times a week and produces weekly concerts for their students in Satchmo’s Lounge.

Homegrown by Sly Theard is the highest grossing complementary event that Livenation has worldwide! Homegrown is a free monthly event that showcases the talents of aspiring Livenation team members and featured artists. Homegrown is only in New Orleans at the moment but will be expanding to Dallas, Houston, and Los Vegas in the near future!

Sly Theard also was the Director of Entertainment for the Music Industry Summer Camp that provided free breakfast and lunch for hundreds of kids in the Greater New Orleans area. The Mayor of the city praised his efforts and invited the kids to show off their talents. A clip of the kids and Mayor went viral the next day.

Click the links below to Follow Sly and the Homegrown Movement!

Social media: Instagram: Homegrown_by_SlyTheard

Google: Sly Theard or Homegrown Nola


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