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Silvah Szweet-T Shadow

Silvah Szweet-T Shadow

Born in Brooklyn New York, American unsigned artist Tysean T. Slowe is an unsigned singer, rapper, dancer & songwriter.

 Tysean T. Slowe, is active to social media along with practicing music back in 2013 up to this year. His lack of experience has hurt his chances back then but was only concerned in getting better up til 2014, that’s when Shadow’s rap skills started to kick in to high gear. He’s a well-known singer more than a rapper though. In 2016, he is hyped after he heard J. Rob the Chief’s version of Tyga’s Cash Money song

on his soundcloud account, he decided to do one of his own. All written, despite the lack of recording equipment he has, he still tries his best to make it work. Although Silvah does face backlash from listeners who comment about his freestyle not being high quality. He makes a shout out to his school friend Lyric, and also spits out a few of his rapping skills on the track. At the end he mentions about his snapchat account along with him trying to get himself discovered on his own without anybody’s help, and that also includes his parents. He wants to help his parents out financially by doing what he loves which is music, but he’s bombing even though on one of his music sites are saying otherwise. He says “F#%K GETTING NOTICED, I WANNA GET DISCOVERED!!!“. He also says he’s an entertainer, not a worker. He loves to entertain people, even when they do need it.

 His singing voice could use some work when it comes to recording some tracks but because of expensive recording equipment and expensive payment for him to use a studio, he has lack of skill when it comes to producing his own tracks and putting effects on his voice, which he barely does. Anyways, because of the expensive payment to either buy recording equipment and/or use the studio for his recording tracks he makes due with what he has with an ipad & built-in mic-earphones. He recently turned 21 and promised to everyone he will get the stuff he need to make his One Shot freestyle mixtape, (which he is trying to launch but is putting on hold for personal reasons). This remix isn’t gonna be on the mixtape but if it is, he would re-record it. Shadow wants to show everyone that he has what it takes to go big like the other top artists in the industry, he’s a fighter and he’ll never give up to go at his dream, that is if his parents doesn’t stress him out over him trying to get him a new job first.

Silvah ‘Tysean T. Slowe’ Shadow has a gang of social media accounts along with music site accounts. Such as: Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Number 1 Music [N1M], reeme (Which he rarely uses), and Youtube. He has a Youtube account, along with a facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and a facebook page titled Silvah Szweet-T Shadow. His Reverbnation page is titled under the same name as the Facebook Page. Links will be listed below. Silvah wants to prove to everyone that even someone with autism like him can make it to be successful, but that’s not gonna happen if he don’t get discovered the right way. He needs help and he needs help bad. So he shares his music with everyone along with posting his stuff on youtube, which barely has some views along with covers he done to music. Cash Money Remix is also on Youtube under the channel Tysean Silvah Shadow Slowe. 2 new accounts are on the way. One from Youtube called: Silvah Szweet-T Shadow & one on twitter with the username: @Silvahszweet_t. Shadow has also collaborated before with his friend Johnny, who goes by the name: JayDee GSDB, from his school where they recorded 3 songs together like: Type a Way, Bugatti, & Show Me. Besides that, Shadow has done various of freestyles over the years.






Facebook Page:

Silvah Szweet-T Shadow






Silvah Szweet-T Shadow

Tysean Silvah Shadow Slowe

Reverbnation & Number 1 Music:

Silvah Szweet-T Shadow


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