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“Rich and Famous”-Mixtapekid

“Rich & Famous”- Mixtapekid

Do you want to become rich and famous!?

This 7 track compilation of unique tracks help none other but Mixtapekid express his hip-hop abilities and showcase them for the world.  This project stands out for many reasons but one good reason is that the songs aren’t long at all so you will stay engaged as the project will keep you on your toes.  This mixtape is the highest point of Mixtapekids career. The slow melodies with his raw flow make an pleasurable experience for the urban listener.

Rich and Famous contains tracks mostly talking about money making and the harsh realities of hustling. This album was made for the hustlers ear and those who go after their money and opportunities.  The motto is that your greatest comeback is after the greatest fall and after money complications of his previous years Mixtapeki

d is back with a bang.

 Nowadays the music game has changed so much and this project is a reflection of just that.  Albums aren’t too long and there isn’t is a long waiting period between one album or mixtape to the next.  With a title like “Rich and Famous” you can already see what the Mixtapekid has in his view.

 In conclusion, Mixtapekid is now happy with his life and growth. You can tell unlike his previous records, found in various places like bandcamp and Datpiff, about haters and backstabbers this album is mostly positive.  From here on out Mixtape kid is building on his empire and has nothing but success site.  Forgetting about all of the setbacks that he has had in the past, he plans on making every project after this a legendary collection of songs.

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