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“Misfit Maniac”- Riecee Siren

“Misfit Maniac”- Riecee Siren

The expressive and unique vibrant artist from Jersey known as Riecee Siren has something to say before 2016 is over with.  With years of being a singer,  songwriter, and rapper she has now built the platform and lane for her own fame.  Music has always been her primary outlet and she never comes short of expressing herself in many different fashions.  Speaking of fashion, her expressive taste has now allowed her to share it with the world with here Misfit Island Fashion and Misfit Makings.

Here mantra is to be a misfit and be proud in her stance in not trying to fit it in.  On December 25, 2016 she is now releasing her latest single entitled “Misfit Maniac.” This single is another bold statement by the Jersey native to show how unique she is.  Mixed with vocals and rapping she shows her true talent yet again, and that is to stand out not just in looks but also in speech!

“Misfit Maniac is a song I written from the Industry and Life frustrations of being a misfit. I don’t fit in, in my family, at work, at church and now in the place that means the most to me which is music. I’m too reality based for Gospel. They would rather you have the form of godliness than have the power in a sanctified form verses a religious form. I’m too unratchet for Hiphop and R&B. All 3 genres don’t want originality or to make history. They want bland formless people who will fit their mold and I’m unwilling because music is my survival. I can’t fake it for fame I have to be me or I’ll die. So I literally wrote a song about it. The maniac part comes from the fact that I’m crazy. When I’m onstage most of the time I’m in so much pain that it manifests in the form of me losing it. Luckily a nervous breakdown or an episode is dope with a beat, melody and energy. Plan is to drop another SoundCloud track ‘Hell on Earth’ on New Years and then the Premier of the ‘Queen’ Video on Valentines Day and release it on iTunes 2 weeks later on February 28th!”

(Released 12/25/16)


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