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Koda – “Notion” (prod. Hanto)

Keith Walton also known as Koda brings us his single entitled “Notation” produced by Hanto.  The song helps gives us a perspective of fighting through struggles and and problems that we all my face in our lives.  Sometimes life will push you to the point of depression and and you would feel like you are drowning but yet hope is there even though it might not feel that way.

Notation brings to light those struggles that one may face and the effect that come along with it.  Koda raps on a ballad Hip-hop style type of instrumental which allows him to share his perspective. Throughout the track you begin to understand that  he has personally battled through depression only through believing in Jesus.  Via Facebook, Koda wants for everyone to know that even though you may be experiencing those feelings, just know that there is hope on the other side.

“..also want to say that if any of you are feeling the same way, to never give up and that you aren’t alone, and for those who think this is too much,..”

The style of the song gives you the feeling of an Old School Hip-Hop track how the instrumental just leaves a lot of room just so the artist can tell their story and Koda has done nothing short of that.


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