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“I Will Remain” – Denia Shannelle


A Philadelphia native, Denia Shanelle was born in 1985, and has always remembered singing as a means of communication with others. She would often put on spontaneous talent shows for her family’s enjoyment and could always be seen and heard singing the latest song from the radio. As life continued, she spent a lot of her childhood traveling back and forth from Philly to Jacksonville, FL and even began to spend her summers there, where she can recall having some of the best times of her life. Also there in Jacksonville, she met and fell in love with Jesus and discovered what true worship was all about, which enhanced her love of music even more. Even as that young girl, she realized her connection to God was special and that God had a special plan and purpose for her life.

A Move of God

Ministry has led Denia to travel to different cities and countries around the world, ultimately residing currently in the metro Philadelphia area, where she is the praise and worship leader at her church. She has also been fortunate to be elevated as the PA state praise and worship leader for the international fellowship of Kingdom Connection Fellowship International.

Growing up in many different types of church settings have awarded her with the unique understanding of the connections and intricacies of music, ministry, and the Holy Spirit. She has learned that the common denominator in every church is to worship God in spirit and in truth, thus she continues to follow the Holy Spirit’s guide as she ministers. Denia has learned to be sensitive to many different atmospheres and has learned how to put herself in a place to hear directly from God himself.

Denia Shanelle, with a heart bent on pleasing God and replenishing His people with a worship experience that will bring you to the very essence of God himself, desires for her siblings of this world to return to a standard of righteousness in an industry that is so seemingly being taken away from God.

Her Debut Single, I Will Remain, comes from a innate desire to let God know that no matter what life circumstances may come, she would not allow them to push her off her mark of being the branch, and He the vine, and remain in Him. Denia Shanelle wants to encourage the world to not allow the attacks of the enemy to deter you from serving a faithful God, because in the end, if you faint not, you will be victorious in every situation. Her testimony alone of God’s faithfulness and His desire to truly bless his children will encourage you to stay the course, and remain.

Her Upcoming EP, Recovery, is set to be released later this year and her mission is to recover lost souls, her worldly siblings, and bring them back to the Father. The Father’s love is so great and Denia Shanelle’s mission and heart’s desire is to edify you with the truth. Going through Recovery will leave you feeling changed from the inside out, as Denia Shanelle directs you to the truth of Gods love and His desire for you to be free from addictions of falsehood and depravity.


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