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How to Get More Clients as a Audio Engineer

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Now, this might be a very, very simple concept. And some people might even say it doesn’t really apply to engineering so much, but it really does. So one thing that has helped me out in my career and it has gotten me to where I am now is ‘Reviews.’ And the reason why I say reviews is because it’s one thing if you’re talking about yourself; it’s another thing if somebody else is talking about you. And if you were to think real quick, how often do you actually engage into anything or buy something strictly off in the word of somebody else, or somebody else just told you like, No, you need that, most likely, you’re probably going to look into it at the very least just because somebody told you and you then stumble upon it on your own.

Now the reasons why I say reviews really help you out is because when you have a service-based business, which does what you have if you’re an engineer, you have a service-based business, sometimes to help sell people on the unseen, you know, the thing that you can’t quite grab the tangible item, which is the service you offer as engineering, reviews play a vital part in it, that I actually was thinking about when I go buy something, especially on Amazon, almost immediately, I put my filters on, I want to make sure it’s a prime item. So I get it on time. And I want to make sure that the reviews are great because just because somebody says a product is great doesn’t necessarily mean it’s great. You want that human point of view, that user point of view from other people who have used it. And usually, the more people that use it and that give a great review, most likely, that a valuable source that you can always trust. And this is so simple, and it’s very simplistic. But I really wanted to say that because you’d be amazed at how much the conversation about you does for you versus the conversation that you have of yourself. And that’s basically all I have to say, go out and get reviews for the work that you have done. And if you have not done anything yet, or if you’re starting off engineering, ask somebody to mix something for free, say, you mix a track for free just for review. But the thing about it is sometimes the word about you is more valuable than the service that you actually offer and works better for you.

So I just wanted to come on here and say that, get some reviews, get people talking about you and let them be honest and let them be true. Do you know what I mean? But let people understand exactly what they’re getting into. And you’d be surprised at how much that actually works for your name. And I noticed that a sexy topic because you can’t quantify it, and you can’t scale it up real big. But it actually gives you longevity. It gives you stability, and it actually speaks of your name and puts some respect on your name.

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