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“Heaven/Deja Vu” – Dimitre Horton

Dimitre Horton’s sound developed from being in church his whole life and being around music his whole life. Being a soulful, passionate singer, who carries a message of hope love and community. He grew up surrounded by music and ministry in Rochester NY under my mother Cassie who has been singing in choirs since before he can remember, and his father Chris, who has been playing the organ for over 50 years. Their influence led to him learning the drums at age 14, playing various concerts, church services and studio sessions. He always said that his father taught him how to play drums even though he never played drums. He simply told him what he wanted and he had to deliver.

He then found some great singers to emulate and that helped develop his voice. Eventually he had the honor of being selected to sing background for a gospel group called Divine Nature of Rochester NY. He has learned a lot and grew as a vocalist. Then at 23 he moved to Pottstown Pa to pursue my call to ministry. Still playing drums and perfecting his vocal gift, he was asked to serve as worship leader at my home church where he am also committed to youth ministry.

He has sung backup for various gospel artists in the Philadelphia and New Jersey region like Tamika Taylor, Lonnie Hunter and anyone else who needed help. He has been writing songs for 12 years, just putting my thoughts and experiences on paper of the goodness of the Lord. In 2015 I had a song placed on Lonnie Hunter and Structure’s #GETITDONE album, “You’re My God.” In 2017 I finally decided to establish myself as a gospel artist and released 2 Singles “Heaven” and “DejaVu.” Both song are testaments of God’s grace and the goal of every believer which is Heaven. He is am forever in love with his beautiful wife and proud to raise two amazing sons. Dimitre hopes that all who hear my music will hear the heart of God and the love of God in every lyric, in every note, and in every beat.


“In 2013 the lord spoke to me and said ” I want to talk about something that no one is talking about” I said ok lord what do you want to talk about. He said I want to talk about Heaven. The day that we live in fame fortune, houses cars popularity and things have become so important. This song was written to bring awareness back to the ultimate goal of people, which is to get to Heaven.” Dejavu “Everyone has experienced Dejavu at one time or another in their lives. D?j? vu is the feeling that the situation currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. I found that walking with the lord gives me the feeling of Dejavu. Everyday is good because I’m breathing, everyday is a good day I’m alive, Everyday We experience grace and mercy Love and kindness of God… but it seems like Dejavu This is what it’s supposed to be.”


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