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“Crime Scene” – Mykii J

Instrumental, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Keef Keyz Productions

Check out Mykii J and his lates single Crime Scene! We here at Keef Keyz Productions had the opportunity to Producer, Record Mix and Master this Track for Mykii J!


Talks creating “Crime Scene”

Like many of the songs I write, Crime Scene was one that I developed organically. Sometimes I’ll conduct an independent creative session to write something specific, whether it be poetry or music. However, in finding the inspiration to write Crime Scene, it was a completely unplanned experience. I started writing the song in the Spring of 2020. I had awoken one morning with the melody of the hook randomly playing in my head. I thought to myself, “Oh, wow. This is good!” I immediately grabbed my phone and recorded myself humming the melody before I could forget it. After that, some of the lyrics started coming to me. I had initially begun mumbling the tune and ended with the line: “…and I’m killin’ them.” I immediately began to build on the “killin’ them” concept.

After brainstorming on what I wanted to talk about on the record, I expanded on that idea. I thought about how empowering it would be to write an anthem that exuded confidence and celebrated one’s accomplishments despite the nay-sayers. That was when I thought of the line: “This scene is a crime,” which I then combined with the previously written “and I’m killin’ them” phrase. At that point, the hook and melody were developed, and the song started to take shape. I took the tune that I had hummed earlier and started beat-boxing how I imagined the song’s rhythm section to sound. All this occurred over an hour or two. I began to mumble rap/sing what would eventually become the verses of the song.

I took courses in nursing at the time, so I recorded and saved those melodies on my phone and went back to them once I could carve out some free time a few weeks later. I composed the rest of the song in about 3 or 4 hours at home, sitting in my dining room. I started to write down buzz words I wanted to use on the track, then went back and began filling in prior “mumbles” with those words. As far as my vocal delivery, I knew I wanted it to fit the sleek and sexy sound I had envisioned. All that was left for me at that point was to have the beat made and record the song. And therein lies the birth of my first single, “Crime Scene.”

-Mykii J

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