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Premium Production & Mixing

For artists who want to STAND OUT!

DH Editied.jpg

I have not released any music without making sure that Keef Keyz has put his stamp on it. I have released 4 singles and a full album all mixed by Keef! His ear, his mix and his passion are the reason why I will always be a repeat offender. As long as I’m doing music Keef will be my mix guy!!!

Dimitre Horton - Artist

Essential Waves


Keef Keyz Productions offers premium music production and editing services with the added magic of world-class mixing and mastering that brings life to music. No matter what the genre is, I will take your music and turn it into something extraordinary that will connect you with your listeners right on the first beat.

3 Ways I'll Get Your Music Sounding Amazing







Keith in studio 2024 _edited.jpg

Hey, I'm Keith

I use a wild combination of production, mixing, and mastering to get your music sounding like it sounds in your head.

They call me the specialist.... you can read on here.

View some of the projects I’ve been fortunate to work on!

Riecee Siren, Artist

Keef is the ultimate professional. He gives you space to be yourself while giving you input that will take your project to the next level. It’s an easy atmosphere conducive for creativity!!!

Mykii J, Artist

Keef Keyz is an excellent music producer. I sent him an audio recording of me beat-boxing and was blown away by how he was able to take that and create such an incredible sound for my record. His level of creativity knows no bounds. He worked with me every step of the way to ensure that my project was perfect. What is more, his professionalism, responsiveness, and timeliness are testaments to his extensive experience in the field of music. I highly recommend him for any project.

B.C. Soul, Artist

Keef Keyz Prodcution is legit! He takes time to get to know the artist and their needs, which goes a long way with establishing a strong rapport. I've never felt this comfortable with sharing my material with a producer. He shares in my vision, through the inclusion of feedback, instrumentation, and strong mixing & mastering. I will continue to trust him with my art.

White Waves

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